Sunday 16 May 2010

Low carbon economy - Every BIG helps - Taking a look

From Chapter 19 of David JC MacKay's book Sustainable Energy- without the hot air

...... the UK’s present lifestyle can’t be sustained on the UK’s own renewables (except with
the industrialisation of country-sized areas of land and sea). So, what are our options, if we
wish to get off fossil fuels and live sustainably? We can balance the energy budget either
by reducing demand, or by increasing supply, or, of course, by doing both.
Have no illusions. To achieve our goal of getting off fossil fuels, these reductions in demand
and increases in supply must be big. Don’t be distracted by the myth that “every little helps.” 
If everyone does a little, we’ll achieve only a little. We must do a lot. What’s required are big 
changes in demand and in supply.
I thought I would take a long look....