Sunday 7 September 2014

a much better day!

Massage in 5 minutes... That's all done. Legs definitely better but there are many other parts aching!
Great cycling group - just need to stick the pace.

Accommodation at Bath University is a dream compared to the cold campsite this morning. Back to tents tomorrow  - argh. No more photos as camera as succumbed to a common HTC one m8 flaw that it doesn't like the vibrations from bikes. Ah well.

I'm  the lucky owner of both Chamois Cream and Aloe Very flavoured Vaseline but I'm sure that'll work just as well elsewhere where it's more needed.

I may just have enough energy to watch some catch-up TV!

Check out my 185.7 km Ride on Strava:

Saturday 6 September 2014

RAB Day 2 preview

Tomorrow's ride. Apparently rated the worst. Slightly longer and about same elevation rise including a dart moor and cheddar gorge.

Tough day out today

Check out my 179.3 km Ride on Strava:

RAB Day 1

I'm knackered!

Got very hot today; drank over seven 750ml bottles and still ran out. I fell off the bike early, long story but not all my fault....needed patching at the first pit stop and forgot to eat there althiugh luckily shoved banana, cadbury dairy milk in pocket. Only remembered once I'd run out of energy! So exhausted

Longest climb I've done in a days too at over 2,500m. I know others at work have recently done 5,000m but it was tough.

Up at 05.15 again tomorrow

Friday 5 September 2014

Blimey... There's 100s of tents

And a bar

RAB Day 0 - Penzance to Land's End

Well, it's boiling here in the coach.  I've just realised that I'm locked up with a whole bunch of nutters! In the nicest possible sense. Not quite celebrity big brother.
Also been looking at route for tomorrow - I may just close my eyes for much of it

  • the person behind is going to break it up into 10 mile chunks
  • the person next to him has apparently been thinking of nothing else all year
  • someone else says it's the first 40 mins each day that gets to you! 
  • and for another it is their fourth time. 
  • the sanest person appears to be the one next to me in his Crocs.
Wish I hadn't just had a big fish and chips by the bus station. I'm rambling....

RAB Day 0 - training it down to Penzance

7am Paddington. I'm shocked waiting for the train to find someone come straight up to me and ask if I was heading to Land's End. Not thinking I was sending overt signals that I'm really a MAMIL (what an awful acronym and one I only saw recently), he pointed to my give away label on the bag - a large laminated race number tied on with a blue cable tie. Looking around I realised that there were many of us - some with much larger and heavier bags.
I feel the adventure has just begun...
..I know I'm missing one thing already the chamois cream that's supposed to be a life saver. Mental note to seek out asap on arrival!
The journey to just past Swindon was like a busman's holiday - I heard about all the pros, cons, relative pricing and showstoppers for at least four of the tenderers presenting today to win the major R&D upgrade for a manufacturer's HQers in Wiltshire. I never quite understand how people think it's a good idea to talk about confidential issues on a train. Ho hum.
OK the photo isn't great from the train but it was meant to show that the sun was poking through the haze and remind me of where I'll be cycling to get back to Bath on Sunday evening.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Thank you for your support

Thank you so much to the many people who have sponsored me (over £500 to date) – this is very much appreciated. I also have a number of offline promises of support based on measured achievements!

It is never too late if you would like to provide some support to the charities at

Finally some news/info…
  • There is approval in principle (pending formal approval) that Navigant’s Foundation will match donations up to a cap and therefore each pound given is worth up to twice as much to the two charities
  • Even a modest donation is of huge value and will certain have an impact on me to get through the hillier sections of Devon – each day’s route can be viewed at the Ride Across Britain LIVE TRACKING website where you may be able to see quite how far back I (Rider 0690) am each day.
  • DEVON DAY 2 is this Sunday 7 September and woken up at 05:30am I should be on the road at around 07:00; the route and climb of nearly 6,000ft looks tough for me

  •  I do own a bike and have been out training across southern England for this since by July email. There is some evidence of the bike and training in this photo of me (I’m in the middle!) at the top of Box Hill only a few weeks ago.

-          Finally, I have twitter account if you would like to share with others

Bike is on its way to Land's End and return transport all sorted

It all appears very efficient....

  1. The bike was picked up in a HGV yesterday by European Bike Express.
  2. Enterprise Rent-A-Car even rang me up today and it looks like they will be able to pick me and the bike up direct from the the end of Day 5. I'm impressed but will just have to make sure I don't break a leg on the way up.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Navigant Cycling Team

So the team jersey has arrived from the US already - and the bike is ready to go too....

I quite like the zebra! - Turn to us for Direction[s]
Day 1 - I've never come across gears that are linked to brake levers- apparently this is very normal now!

Monday 7 July 2014

The Route

969 miles of the UK’s most breathless sightseeing

The full route is 969 miles broken in to 9 daily stages averaging 108 miles a day. Whether you call the UK home or not, the ride is one of the classic cycling challenges on the planet. It takes in the most beautiful parts of Britain from barren moorlands and majestic highlands to lush green valleys, winding back lanes and stunning coastal roads. We aim to find the most varied and interesting route out there and riders climb around 15,000m over the 9 days. That is around 13 times up Alpe d’Huez! This sounds like a lot, but with the right training it is within your reach.

Donations can be made at . Thank you.

Riding Across Britain - 2014

The England Package

england profile

Stunning cycling through the Lakes, Peaks and Moors of England

The England Package takes in 5 days of exceptional riding exploring little known back routes through to legendary climbs and descents like Shap in the Lakes, Cheddar Gorge and the stunning scenery of the Westcountry moorland. Most riders who complete this section of the ride come back wondering why they always head off abroad for beautiful scenery when they are within a matter of hours from some of the best views in the world. Formed from Days 1-5 of the full route you can explore exactly what is involved by clicking the stage icons above the map to the left.

Dates: 5th to 9th September, 2014

The England package sets off on the 1st day of the full course and riders need to arrive by 6pm on the evening of Friday 5th September at the Land’s End base camp. They will register for the event, have a hot dinner and meet the other riders before settling in for the night in preparation for an early start.

Donations can be made at . Thank you.