Friday 5 September 2014

RAB Day 0 - Penzance to Land's End

Well, it's boiling here in the coach.  I've just realised that I'm locked up with a whole bunch of nutters! In the nicest possible sense. Not quite celebrity big brother.
Also been looking at route for tomorrow - I may just close my eyes for much of it

  • the person behind is going to break it up into 10 mile chunks
  • the person next to him has apparently been thinking of nothing else all year
  • someone else says it's the first 40 mins each day that gets to you! 
  • and for another it is their fourth time. 
  • the sanest person appears to be the one next to me in his Crocs.
Wish I hadn't just had a big fish and chips by the bus station. I'm rambling....

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